Need more details?

Here you can find all the details to help you understand everything when it comes to placing your child in our dance school.

Having a child in a dance school can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Expectations, class placement, schedules, dance wear versus costumes and everything in between can be a little confusing.



Once your child is registered for class, your next step is to purchase the required DANCEWEAR. Dancewear is what a dancer wears every week to class. Each class requires its own set of dance wear and shoes.

Ballet– All ballet classes require a dancer to wear a leotard, a skirt or “booty” shorts, footed or convertible tights, and ballet slippers.

What is a leotard? Leotards are suits that resemble a swim suit and sometimes have an attached skirt. 

Dancers wear TIGHTS, not hose. Tights are different than hose in that they are thicker and more opaque than hose. They do not have a seam across the thigh. Tights can be footed, convertible (a hole under the foot so you can make them footless or footed) or stirrups (a hole for the heel and toes are uncovered).

Underwear is not required under the leotard, to avoid showing. It is also not necessary since the child has on tights and a leotard or booty shorts already. Ballet slippers can come in either leather or canvas material. At DWS we prefer leather, split sole ballet shoes. Split sole means the sole of the ballet shoe is split into two smaller soles for a prettier arch when the foot is being pointed. When purchasing ballet shoes on your own, remember to ask for leather, split sole pink ballet shoes.

Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop – These other genres of dance do not require a leotard. The acceptable dancewear for these classes is a solid color top (yellow for Twinkle Toes and Tiny Dancer classes and red for others) or sports bra; black booty shorts, jazz pants or leggings, tan colored tights, and the appropriate shoe. 

Tap – Tap class requires a black slip-on tap shoe.

Jazz – Jazz class requires a black slip-on jazz shoe.

Hip Hop – Hip Hop class requires a black, split sole hip hop dance sneaker.

Twinkle Toes and Tiny Dancer classes require a tan Mary Jane type tap shoe with a buckle (not a tie) and a tan Grecian sandal with a buckle.

Dancers will not be allowed to dance without tights in the studio unless they are wearing leggings that cover the entire leg.

All dance shoes must not be worn outside the studio to protect the floors of the studio.

Tumbling – Tumbling students must wear a tight fitting black top and cotton or fitted black shorts. No jeans are acceptable. Tights are helpful while tumbling as well. No shoes are required for tumbling.


Costumes are the outfits the dancers wear for the recital at the end of the year. These are not worn in class. Costumes are to be worn with tights and dance shoes.

**NOTE: When fitting for dance shoes, please remember it is difficult to dance in shoes that do not fit properly. Dance shoes cannot be purchased with the intention of “growing into them.” Be prepared to purchase more shoes by Spring since most kids outgrow their shoes by then. You will also need to purchase tights from us for the recital to ensure everyone has matching shades of tan and pink on stage.